Phase Tech

Machine Shop and Laser Cutting in Calgary, Alberta

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Phase Tech Industries Ltd. was established in 1998 and is a family run business committed to customer satisfaction and quality work.
Located just outside of Calgary, Phase Tech specializes in machining and engraving. We offer pick up and delivery. We pride ourselves in efficient turnaround and strong precision in our work.

With a broad range of machines involving laser cutting, laser engraving, 5 axis CNC, router work, lathe work and CNC milling we are confident we will be able to meet you company needs.
Our team of skilled workers are ready for your order!


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You Design it.
We Make it Reality.

Phase Tech Industries works with everything from art & engraving to oil & gas. Our machines and experts are ready to tackle any project.

Laser Cutting

Highly precise and accurate cutting which can handle just about any kind of job, without damage or warping.

Need drilling, marking, or engraving? Laser cutting can handle it on just about any kind of material.

Laser Tube Cutting

Cut tubes to length and add complex cutout designs or holes – all in a single step.